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There are times when even the fittest of us need a little inspiration to help set our goals and we hope this site will give you just that. When the going gets tough and motivation starts to wane, there’s nothing better to help us push through than knowing that we are helping others who are facing far greater challenges.

Sign up for one of our virtual challenges today and help fund The ARCHIE Foundation’s vital support for sick babies, children and families. Tell your friends and family what you’re doing, invite them to sponsor you and watch as you turn miles into money for a great cause.

Track every mile you complete using a pedometer, FitBit, Smartwatch, phone or any other of the myriad apps and fitness trackers out there. Input your miles and watch as the virtual you journeys through some of our beautiful planet’s most impressive places.

It costs just £5 to register for a challenge. Your registration fee alone could fund a bedside hospital meal for parents of a very poorly child, so they can be with their little one 24/7. As you dig in to complete your challenge, rallying sponsorship from your friends and family, you could raise a transformational sum that will dramatically improve a child’s quality of life.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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